why we're adopting

Why? Many folks assume that if we’re adopting, we must be unable to conceive. This is not the case (as Jack and Zoey can testify). We’re not adopting to complete our family or fill a hole in our heart (though we praise God that others adopt for that reason, and we reserve the right to have future biological kiddos, too :).

We’re adopting because there are 15 million orphans living today without a mom or dad. God tells us “pure religion is this, to care for the orphans in their affliction” (James 1:27). As a family, we do not have the resources to care for all 15 million orphans in the world, but we do have the resources to care for one--if we can get her into our home. Our heart is to do what our Heavenly Father has done for us, by moving a soul:
                        from darkness to light,
                        from alone to belonging,
                        from parent-less to parented,
                        from illiterate to college educated,
                        from sick (in a country with unclean water & low life expectancy) to U.S. healthcare,
                        from unreached to discipled,
                        from poverty to provision.

If our aim were to make a comfortable life for ourselves, we would not take this crazy risk. We are thrilled with our biological children (Jack is 4 and Zoey is 2). We feel complete and happy. But God has been opening our eyes to see that we have more than enough resources (in love, relationships, food, even car seats and clothes) to raise another child in His grace and truth. We hope to name her Evangeline Grace because the Greek word for “Gospel” is translated Evangel. Her name would mean Gospel of Grace, and her life will be a living picture of the adoptive grace that flows from the nature of our Heavenly Father. “We love Him because He first loved us.”

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  1. Precious! I love how God moves His children on behalf of the orphan!!