the process

the process so far…

feb. 2014- sent to renew John's passport!
feb. 2014- sent in first fee to start home study.
feb. 2014-got in touch with a Christian agency in Colorado called Nightlight Christian Agency and sent in application fee.
feb. 2014- sent out several reference letters
feb. 2014 - gathered birth certificates, marriage license, and health insurance card copies for our home study

march 2014- had doctors visits for our kids and us to state we are in over all good health.
march 2014- got police reports done
march 2014- took adoption courses for our home study
march 2014- got fingerprinted
march 2014- sent in application and fee to the orphanage in Haiti
march 2014- got psych evals done for our dossier.

april 2014- gathering documents for our dossier.
april 2014- sent what we have to be translated--still more to come.
april 2014- had our medical evaluations. thankful for a great doctor who has also adopted!

june 2014- authenticated documents in phoenix. 
june 2014- some of the documents needed to be changed so we fixed those and got a few more translations done.

july 2014- sent documents to be haitian stamped at the haitian embassy in chicago 
july 2014- gathered copies of our documents for our dossier
july 2014- a friend from florida who is also adopting from the same creche was willing to take our dossier with her when she went! we rushed to get all of the documents together in order to fedex it to florida instead of all the way to haiti. 
july 2014- sent our dossier to haiti! what a relief! now to file our i-800a and fill out grant forms! the journey continues!

August 2014- Entered IBESR in Haiti! We made it!
August 2014- had garage sale #2 and raised $1,200!!!!

September 2014- had fingerprint appointment for our I-800A form.

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