cost breakdown

Most of you know that the adoption journey is a long one as well as an expensive one. We're stepping out in faith and trust that Jesus will provide. We hope to one day look back on this and be in awe of how God has provided.

The fees range from large ($16,000 to the Haitian government and orphanage) to medium (various chunks of $1,500 to $2,500 for required social worker home studies) to dozens of application fees (ranging from $50 to $500) and dozens more random fees for finger print cards, background checks, notarized copies, translated documents into French, psychological evaluations, the list goes on. Additionally,we are required by Haitian law to visit Haiti together two separate times in the process.


Application Phase
$ 500
Due with application (non-refundable).
Initial Program Fee
Due with Home Study completion
Dossier Phase
Due upon submission of Dossier
Total Program Fee


  • Application Fee:                                             $300

  • Travel from Phx to Prescott Fee:                 $100

  • Home Study for International/Hague Adoption*

Due with Agreement
  • 3 International Post Placement or Post Adoption reports for one child; for each additional adopted child included in report add $50; minimum of 3 reports at 6 months, 12 months, 24 months

Due with International Adoption Agreement
  • Social Study report for Court for finalization of an international adoption 30 days prior to hearing*
Due at time of requesting service


Adoption Courses:
  • $149

Psych Eval:
  • $100

Dossier Documents Translated:
  • $530

Passport Renewel:
  • $110

  • $44

Dossier Fees:
  • $50 application fee
  • $8,000 sent with Dossier
  • $8,000 When dossier enters IBESR
  • I-800A = $670 fee + $70 fingerprinting

EXPLAINING ADOPTION FEE: The $16,000USD fee includes all papers on the child in Haiti, translations where necessary, legalizations, IBESR, lawyer & visa. This does not include any of your expenses stateside for your dossier & home study or translations on you [the parents] documents. It does not include your fingerprinting fees or other fees associated with getting approval through USCIS. Any extra fees associated with FedEx or faxing documents to you from Haiti will be billed to you, as these are not standard.

EXPLAINING CHILDCARE: We pay for the foster care & also provide formula, milk, food, vitamins, clothing, toys, bottles, beds, etc. at our expense. Childcare fees of $300 per month/per child, begin the date you choose your child[ren] & ends the day the child[ren] leave Haiti. You will receive papers on your child[ren] as we process them. You may visit your child[ren] at any time. You will receive photos periodically.

  • 300 x 12 = $3,600 (may be more)

  • 4 plane tickets for the 2 trips we’ll need to make: $3,185.60

TOTAL Estimated Cost = $33, 008.00

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