our journey

our journey is just beginning. already we can see so many signs of God's faithfulness both through trials and through great joy. here's where we share little snippets of our journey with you.

welcome! we're so glad you're here.

john and i met one evening in 2006 in a crowded church lobby. we smiled, chatted about Lost, Ukraine and the home group he was leading. i left early, trying to play hard to get, and apparently it worked. we dated for a few months, developed a deep friendship rooted in our love for Jesus and our desire to serve Him wherever He would call us. we were married in june of 2007 and so began our journey together as a couple.

we lived in phoenix for the first year of our marriage and discovered life together. as a team. there was adjustments to be made and a little condo to turn into a home. in the summer of 2008 we lost our first baby early on in our pregnancy. it was then that our lives shifted and the reality life and the we-can-take-on-the-world mentality came tumbling down. it was our first (though not last) great loss in our marriage and as hard it was, it changed us forever. we'll see that little one again some day, but for now, i see how our Jesus turned that pain into something good. through it, we took a leap into the great unknown.

We felt the call to full time ministry stronger than ever and we took a big step of faith---the kind that doesn't make sense and that good intentioned mentors would discourage. John left a very successful job in journalism to be a full time Pastor at a small, struggling church in a high-desert city in Arizona. we left the busy, city life for a small-town-go-to-the-rodeo pace of life.

it was here that Jesus grew our hearts in Him, our faith in Him and our trust in Him.  it was here He broke old chains and made us new again and again. it was in this journey that He transformed our plans into His and continues to mold them still. We met His deep grace here. in a growing church Body, in friendship of young and old. it was here He reminded us who we are and Whose we are.

John is a dreamer, faithful friend, driven and nurturing. He has an intense love for God's truth, God's people and good vehicles. He is a talented writer (www.johnsdickerson.com) and a good lego-builder with our boy Jack.

We welcomed our sweet baby boy in October of 2009, a year after we had moved north. Jack is four now and loves cars, trucks and airplanes, quality one-on-one time and his favorites (favorite toast, favorite grilled cheese, favorite car, or favorite show.) our boy has a lot of favorites. (and a few that don't quite make the cut ;) Jack is spirited, hilarious, smart and fast. He loves running and jumping and being a race car pretty much any where. We feel so honored to get to be his parents.

Zoey is our little birdie and just turned 2. She loves her big brother with a sweet love and will follow him into anything (including mischief ;) She is very nurturing and loving towards anything that can be loved. Babies, kids bigger than her, kids littler than her, dogs, cats and any stuffed animal around. She is very funny and loves to cuddle and paint. It seems like since she was born she's been waiting to be a big sister. Love that about her.

and i am Mel. a young mom of two kiddos and loyal wife to my husband john.

so why did we start this blog and meet you along this journey? we have felt the call to adopt from Haiti. it hasn't been a sudden call, but rather one that has been brewing in our hearts for a few years. we have a deep love and concern for children without a voice or protection.

when i was nine i learned who Gladys Alywood was and how God used her as a missionary in China as well as used her to lead 100 orphans over the mountains when the japanese invaded. i remember the call tearing my heart even then, but wasn't sure how God would use it. John's heart has slowly been growing towards the idea also. I love that God put it on our hearts at different times and speeds; knowing full well when  He would have our desire's meet. His timing is so perfect.

We cannot adopt every one of the 15 million or so orphans in the worldwide who have lost both their mom and dad. We cannot help them all. But we can help one. As our family has grown, we have gotten larger vehicles, tons of kids clothes and multiple car seats. We are starting to buy our food in bulk. It has occurred to me that we have more than enough resources to change a child’s life forever—by bringing them into our family, as a child who is equally loved and valued with our others.

We have an opportunity to do exactly what Jesus did for us—seek out an individual, go where they live, sacrifice our comforts to demonstrate love, and adopt that child into our family.

so, we step out onto the waters and trust in His timing and His faithfulness. 

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