Sunday, June 7, 2015

Prayers Needed!

A miracle has happened! We got word that a final interview and signatures that were needed happened! We're nearing the official referral and then soon after, the 15 day bonding trip. If you think of it would you please, please pray with us that this will come in great timing and soon? It's almost been a year since we've entered IBESR and although that isn't long compared to other friends who have been in IBESR for much longer, we've begun to feel the real ache in our hearts for the end to be near and for us to have our little one in our arms. Please pray also for more patience and trust in His perfect timing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

season of waiting

Today marks another another holiday without our little one here with us. We aren't Irish so it isn't very significant, but I do have hopes that next St. Patty's Day we will share all together. We spent a Valentine's without her and are quickly approaching an Easter without her. I have such peace that she has a great purpose for her time in Haiti and will come here when that time ends, but it doesn't change the ache in my heart to have her here. So we pesevere and wait on His great timing. It's such a strange feeling to miss a person you don't really know and feel like there's a great space in your little life where she fits. In some ways, I feel like I've anticipated this adoption since I was a little girl and it feels so surreal that it could really be happening.

So many people ask about timeline and the answer is that it's unknown. It will be until she's home. It's not easy or ideal, but there it is.

With changes ahead for our family we greatly anticipate what Jesus has planned for this journey. We know the wait isn't easy, and waiting never really is, but we do know that there is joy in the waiting and a great deal of learning how to trust and let go.