Friday, September 12, 2014


We went to get our fingerprints done a couple of weeks ago. A step in the right direction to get our I-800A approved, which is the first step before we apply for the I-800 which is the US's approval of us to adopt. 

We went to Phoenix on Labor Day, celebrated with the fam and then left at 7am Tuesday morning to get to our 8am appointment. When we arrived to a mostly empty parking lot, my stomach settled a bit. You just never do know about stuff like that.

So we waited in one line and then another and directed to one more. It was all over by 8am and back to get the kiddos we went. Next step is to hopefully get our I-800A approved. THAT will be an exciting day!

We also have been praying about when to make trip to Haiti to visit the orphanage and see the country. We feel like the end of November/first of December will be best. A part of our hearts are already there and although its been a while since either of us have traveled internationally this will be our first international flight together. Will you pray with us?

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