Tuesday, July 15, 2014

documents are finished!

We sent our dossier today! 

Truly could not have done it without a friend's help (until 12:30am last night. Thanks, Stacy!!!!) sorting through 5 copies of the same documents and making sure everything was accounted for. Such a blessing!

the last few weeks i have been feeling a little under water. like i kind of dropped off the planet for a little bit there, but it's been oh-so-worth it.
so thankful this step is done. only the beginning step towards many more, but one down!


so thankful to Jesus for Haitian stamped documents coming in quickly, gracious and reliable notaries, and friends who we were willing to watch our kiddos while I ran to Phoenix one morning, a friend who helps ship items and for grace from my husband during the chaos that was the last couple of weeks. it was worth it!

I can already see how God is transforming our hearts and drawing us closer to Him. He's stretching us and yet building our faith to trust that He is a loving Father who knows exactly what we need, when we need it.

thanks for praying and supporting us! please don't stop!

so i guess that means, what's next? 
we wait. and wait. but the wait doesn't start until they received those documents and Lord willing by Saturday, they will be in Haiti. 

already this song is playing and already i can see this is only the beginning of a long journey. it's so very true that during the waiting is when He does some of the most wonderful things.

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