Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Garage Sale!

This weekend we had our first garage sale to help raise funds for our adoption!!

We spent a lot of time sorting. A lot. It was SO worth it though and being able to put the items on tables instead of in random piles was great  We wanted to limit the digging as much as possible. We also tried to arrange things so it would draw in drive by's. We had some of those as well ;) 

THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED! What a blessing that was! We had a lot of things donated from mama's in our Mom's Group as well friend's from church who donated some incredible items.
One neighbor down the street walked by and saw us sorting, drove home, picked up a truck load of things and dropped them off on the driveway. Their items were the first to sell and they were great items! 

True friendship is sorting through endless piles at midnight ;) 

The day of the sale we had BEAUTIFUL weather! 
It was windy and people in Prescott LOVE their Friday early bird garage sales! 
It was by far our most successful day and we had such generous giving towards our adoption as well as to our bake sale table.
I wish I had taken a picture of the table. 
We had my friend's seven year old daughter man the table and she did an amazing job. She probably sold more through bake goods on Saturday than we did on other items. Just kidding. But it was close!

It went really well and by God's grace we were able to raise $2,000!!

So thankful for dear friends who helped! Could NOT have done it without them!!!!!

We're also so thankful for the generous donations that have been given. Our hearts are already so attached and we are anxious to bring our little one home. We know the process is long and we're anticipating many long days of waiting, but we are so thankful for those who have given towards this journey. Thank you for your gifts! We are almost halfway there!!

Here's where we are today:

$13,664 out of $32,000 goal! 

With the funds that have been raised we will be able to send our dossier documents with the $8,000 that is needed (I know I had said previously that it was $7,500 but it was actually $8,000!) But thanks to YOU and by God's grace we will be able to send that. That's just the first half of our payment to the orphanage in Haiti. 

Along with all of our dossier documents we are needing to get our home study back. The county court systems have to certify the documents and that will take a month. It was sent over a week ago and to send our documents by July 7 it will be a serious miracle. Thankfully we have a plan B if we aren't able to send them with our friend who is traveling there, but we praying the home study certificate gets back before then! Will you pray with us? 

The wait doesn't start until the orphanage receives our dossier. We know God's timing is perfect and maybe there's a reason we won't have our home study back yet. We're one step closer and praying for courage and faith to continue on this journey. 

Thanks for supporting us!!!

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