Wednesday, May 14, 2014

so close!

Words can hardly express our deep gratitude and thankfulness for dear friends (some old and some new) joining and supporting this journey to bring our little one home from Haiti.

By God's provision and grace we are currently at $6,314  out of the $7,500 we need to send our Dossier to Haiti! Praise God! and THANK YOU for your support, love and faith step with us on the journey.

So many times in the last couple of weeks have we been speechless and humbled, in awe of Jesus and the people whose hearts have been moved to join us. At night when we pray with Jack before bed we pray and thank Jesus with him too. And he hears and listens and has grown to like the idea (and grasp it, kind of) the idea of adopting a little sister. We've looked at books on Haiti, found the country on the map, watched Sesame Street episodes on adoption, trying to help him make sense of it all. And he is getting it. And thanks to you, he will get to experience first hand the journey of bringing a little sibling home from another country. (though he's still convinced it will be a boy ;)

There was a small holdup with some last minute home study paperwork, but that will hopefully come together the first of next week. Once we've received that, we'll send it to be translated by an amazing translator who has graciously taken our documents on after her son graduates from high school. After we have the documents translated we'll have them authenticated in Phoenix and then…and then we'll send them on to Haiti. That's just a small (though very large) piece of the long puzzle, but there it is. And we're almost there. Can't believe it!! Thank you!

God is doing something and sometimes it's a little overwhelming, but most of the time it's incredible to watch Him work and to let go of timelines and expectations and just trust.

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