Tuesday, April 15, 2014

home study complete!

Our final home study visit came and after a busy morning deep cleaning the house (I read so many things that said the social worker isn't looking for a CLEAN house, but a safe one, but it was all I could do ;) The kids were asleep, coffee was on and we waited for our visitor.

She arrived right on time and it didn't take us long to connect that we knew the same people; in fact, she is the social worker for some of our dear friends who recently adopted, as well as a believer. What are the chances? We were both speechless after she left; amazed at how God brings people together.

The time went well and now we're just finalizing documents and finalizing the home study. I can't believe it's already finished. We're only a little halfway through with our document-gathering (we are still gathering documents for our dossier) but we hope to be done by mid-May! That's our prayer, at least. Our kiddos have recently been boycotting their long naps which has taken some adjusting to, but so it goes.

Also, I had a friend ask if she could follow the blog through email updates. If you look to the left there's a place to put in your email. Every time there's a new post you'll get an email. We'd love for you to join us on this journey and we couldn't do it with your prayers and support. We are also stepping out financially, trusting in Jesus to provide. If you feel led to donate feel free to click on the Adopt Together tab on the left. We just received our first donation and it encouraged us to our very core. Thank you for encouraging us and coming alongside us. It will take a village to raise this little one and we're so thankful for family and friends, near and far, who are willing to step out onto the water with us as we bring our little one home. 

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