Thursday, March 27, 2014

start of our journey

It's been a couple of shorts months since we started on our adoption journey. Nap times have become a a chance to do paperwork, phone calls, scanning and filling out applications. (so very thankful for good nappers. Especially during these afternoons.) Here's where we are in the process right now…

-An application and fees were sent to the agency and home study mailed in and received.

We also began our home study. We've been fingerprinted, gotten two clearances, had our first home study visit and gathered multiple documents (including birth certificates and passports. Praise God John's passport only took a month to arrive!) We sent our references, got police reports, medicals and begin our 10 hours of adoption education tomorrow. (thankful for a faithful babysitter who is willing to hang out with our kids for the day!)

What once seemed like a huge list of to-do's has slowly slimmed to a timeline. We've gathered a lot of documents for the dossier, but can't really get into that until we've completed our home study.

One step closer.

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  1. Dickersons words cannot express my feelings of joy, excitement and pride for you. Mel, you are my dearest friend and I am over the moon for you to be walking out in faith like this. Remember what Bilbo used to say "you step out on the path and there's no telling where your feet might take you." Love you guys with all my heart. And love your guts Gordo.